About Us

Please read this for more information about how you can get involved!


What is MMCA?
TheMadison Manor CitizensAssociation(MMCA) is the official civic association for Madison Manor residents. We organize neighborhood social events, including the Halloween Bonfire and the Summer Picnic. We also interface with the County on issues impacting Madison Manor, such as crime and transportation.

How Can I Get More Involved With MMCA?
MMCA is always in need of volunteers! If you like planning social events, we have a number of event committees that you can join. If you are interested in County-level issues, you can get involved on the MMCA Executive Board or serve as an MMCA Civic Federation delegate. In fact, we have an immediate need to fill the Vice President position on the MMCA Executive Board! Please email mmcapresident@gmail.com if you want to learn more about volunteering with MMCA or become our new VP!

How Do I Pay My MMCA Dues?

MMCA membership dues are just $10!Please fill out the membership form that came with this letter and mail in the attached envelope, or drop it off in person with our MMCA Membership Chair, Elizabeth Johnson, at 1074 N. Ohio Street. How Are MMCA Dues Used?Membership dues subsidize our annual MMCA neighborhood events and help cover required administrative expenses, such as Arlington Civic Federation dues and insurance costs.

How Do I Join the MMCA Email List?
MMCA maintains two separate yahoo email lists. MMCA Announce is used to communicate important information about MMCA events and critical alerts from the County. MMCA Discuss is an open forum for neighbors to discuss shared interests, sell items, solicit feedback on contractors, etc. You can sign up for either/both lists via the Madison Manor website(www.madisonmanor.org)–click on the light green buttons in the lower right hand corner on the main homepage.

What’s Happening to the MMCA Newsletter?
The MMCA Newsletter is published electronically three times a year. Newsletters are distributed via the MMCA Announce email list, emailed directly to MMCA members, and posted to the Madison Manor website under the “Newsletters” section.If you do not have a computer and would like a paper copy, please indicate that on your membership form.Our fall newsletter is available on the website now—check it out!

How Do I Get a Neighborhood Directory?
Every household that joins the civic association will get an MMCA neighborhood directory. Due to increased printing costs, the MMCA Directory will only be published electronically.We will email the MMCA Directory as a PDF file tothe email address included on your membership form. If you do not have an email address, please indicate that on your membership form and we will make other delivery arrangements.

Can I Exclude My Information from the Directory?
You can choose to exclude any or all of your personal information from the MMCA Directory by indicating your preference onyour membership form. MMCA does not use or share membership information except for official civic association purposes.

Who Do I Contact With Other Questions?
If you have questions about MMCA, please email mmcapresident@gmail.com.